How do you behave…when nobody is watching?

Are you a model citizen 24/7? Can you hand on heart say you’re conscientious when at work or whilst living with others to ensure their safety and welfare at all times?


Yes? Fantastic, about a third of us are fully engaged and involved with the workplace and carry this ethos through to our home lives, carefully thinking of the impact of our actions on others and the organisation’s we may work for…unfortunately that leaves almost two thirds who aren’t.

Does this effect our day to day welfare and safety when so many others may not share our values?

Employee engagement is a property of the relationship between an organisation and its employees.

An “engaged employee” is defined as one who is fully absorbed and enthusiastic about their work and so takes positive action to further the organisations reputation and interests.

Crucially it’s the emotional and functional commitment an employee has to his or her organisation.

There is a problem. One which is often not discussed, but can be heard muttered and moaned about near the water fountain or photocopier and it comes in the form of compulsory compliance training.

There is no question of doubt, compulsory safety training has prevented many accidents and can save lives, but it often is viewed as a tick box exercise and often fails to engage, motivate or change behaviour.

Did you know almost $11 billion is lost annually due to staff turnover. This is not only a staggering figure financially, the impact of such frequent turn-over of employees can have both short and long term detrimental effect on small start-up companies and large multi nationals alike. Why does this happen?

The ethos and values of an organisation are intrinsically linked with the behaviour patterns of employees. To build a strong and sustainable safety culture, takes time, commitment and understanding.


 People First  – Safety Always


The UK Health and Safety Executive defines safety culture as “ . . . the product of the individual and group values, attitudes, competencies and patterns of behaviour that determine the commitment to, and the style and proficiency of, an organization’s health and safety programs.”

A more succinct definition: “Safety culture is how the organization behaves when no one is watching.” 

Employee attitudes are changing is it any surprise, employers need more than ever to recognise their customer AND employee’s motivation.

In a recent study by gamification experts 90%  9 in 10 Millennials want their work place to be social and fun, realistically we can’t all provide the hub of all fun workspaces akin with Google.

As individuals and teams we can be creative and flexible with our work spaces and the way in which we choose to get involved and BE involved.

Get fired up tracking image

80% of millennials say they prefer on-the-spot- recognition over formal reviews, admit it, how many of us take a deep intake of breath at the prospect of annual reviews, the process can be long and convoluted, but I wonder what proportion of us come out of review processes not feeling it was a tick box exercise enforced by management?

80% of us actually like regular feedback from our managers and don’t want to wait until a quarterly or annual review, opportunities to learn are often lost or slip through the net.

88% of millennials want a positive culture, but what does that mean or look like?

At Vigiles Group we are raising a few eyebrows and challenging the norm with conventional methods safety training. Offering a differentiated view.

We think its worth it…Combining over 40 years of experience as employees, managers, Fire and Health and Safety Professional, as parents to young children, teens and young adults – We’ve combined this experience  with valuable insight from Generation Z…we have started something.

Using innovation and creativity we embrace disruption and change – for the positive.


70% of senior executives admit to play during working hours…..

18% of gamers are younger than 18

53% of gamers are aged between 18-49………

29% of gamers are aged over 50……